The Blacks

When Jacqueline was pregnant with Lillian Tate, they packed us all into their house (don’t worry, this was pre-CoViD) for a morning of prayer over their daughter’s life. They had soft worship music playing with prayer cue cards all around the house, all related to the room they were in. We went around the house at our own pace, and eventually gathered together, worshiping together as a friend strummed his guitar to lead us. It was a beautifully special time and shows the hearts of these new parents who I love so, so much. Six months ago we got the text that this little love that we had prayed for was on the way! I checked my phone 800 times and had butterflies in my stomach all day! I will never forget laying eyes on Lily for the first time. It’s one thing to love your friends so much your heart could burst, but when you meet the little one that they gave birth to that you have anticipated and prayed for?! Come on! There’s nothing better. I am so thankful for such deep friendships that I know will last a lifetime! Meet the Blacks! I don’t have to tell you how joyful and in love they are. See for yourself!

I cannot even handle the joy in this photo. It is spilling out of them both in the best way!!

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