Sacred Rhythms

Half the Day

A Day in the Life


Truly special! A one hour session of true love in the home of a couple in their golden years!
So much life lived, such an important story to tell. Let their legacy live on, starting now! This makes a very special gift!

6 hours of your day. This is when the camera really becomes invisible and the facades fade, leaving you with the raw beauty that IS your family. Your choice of 35 retouched digital images.

2-3 hours of your day captured in a purely honest way! I come to you to tell the story only your family can tell! Your choice of 20 retouched digital images. 

12-24 hours of your day.  This is the real deal! From the habitual mundane to the undeniably precious moments - there's beauty in all of it and just wait, you'll see it too!  Your choice of 50 retouched digital images.

take your time to fill out the questionnaire sent to you during booking. If you're wondering if I really want to all the details, my answer is YES! Kiddos nicknames, what makes them laugh, what they're into, how school is going, recent happenings.... there's no oversharing here! Your responses build the foundation of me truly knowing you, which sets the stage for capturing everything that makes you, you! 


Before your Session

Relax into your usual rhythms and just be you (you do it really well!!). Don't stress about getting anyone to cooperate, you hired an expert! 


During your Session

Pull the tissues out; you're about to cry happy tears!
You will receive a link to a slideshow set to music.
Once you have thoroughly enjoyed that, your private online gallery will go LIVE! 


After your Session

Let's Chat!

  Pretend we're leaning in over one of those super small coffee shop tables. Go ahead, sip that latte! Spill all your ideas and visions, and ask me your questions. I can't wait to dream with you and plan the most perfect session that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime and more! I cannot wait to hear from you! 






Tell Me Everything!


Thank you!

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