This was my first official session as Emily Suzanne Photography. The whole evening was completely ideal! Lexi is a former student – I taught this bubbly soul third grade the year that I was pregnant with our daughter. Like all my former kiddos (students) do, she has such a special place in my heart! It was sooo good to see her after all these months and months of not being at school.

The sunflowers filled the field with happiness in the golden light, but Lexi is what brought the sparkle! She frolicked through the flowers so naturally, throwing her head back laughing and skipping in between the flowers – it was literally like a dream…or a movie! She made my job easy as pie!

While we were shooting, Lexi’s mom shared with me that at a recent sleepover with friends, Lexi had woken up in time to watch the sunrise. She read her Bible outside to watch the sun come up and then went inside to make everyone breakfast. She’s in fifth grade! Fifth! Her love for Jesus bubbles up out of her heart and into the way she radiates joy! Have you ever seen a sweeter soul?!

The day of our shoot, Lexi got pink tips in her hair. She had been begging for months and months and mom finally gave in and let her get them. It was so fun to see her flip her pink tips in the wind- it was clear that she was over the moon to have them!! Tickled me pink …. 🙂

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